I specialize in working with teens, parents,  and  individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, and various forms of life stressors. Learn more about my work and how I can help you or a loved one here.



As a therapist, I am passionate about a collaborative and behavior-centered approach to therapy. I believe that our minds are our most powerful tool, and that a shift in perspective can lead to great changes in life. 

It is always my goal to make you feel comfortable in the therapeutic process while challenging you to take an active role in your therapy experience.  In order to see changes, I will work with you to process what you have been through in the past, and understand how you can move forward to achieve your goals.  I enjoy working with individuals one on one, providing support for families in the home as needed, and running groups to build stronger skills in a supportive environment. 


Treatment Experience

TherapyLink has experience working with those desiring help with issues related to:

· Parenting
· Mood management
· Pre- and postpartum issues
· Women’s health

· Stress
· Anxiety
· Depression
· Relationships

· Self Esteem


Client Groups

TherapyLink specializes in providing assistance for the following: