Specialized to work with women, adolescents, and emerging adulthood individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, and various life stressors.



Women’s Health

Becoming a mother, being a mother, and even having a mother all come with challenges at times. Everyone wants to have it all, but what happens when we have it ALL and are finding ourselves stretched too thin? If you are pregnant, have recently become a mother, or have been a mother for many years and are overcome by anxiety, or are just at a crossroads - I am here to help. Using my background in DBT, CBT, Systems Theory  and other evidence-based practices, I help mothers navigate the many new feelings that parenting brings.


Emerging Adulthood

You're finally close to being considered an adult, a time when you have dreamed of independence, perhaps falling in love, having a family, building a business, or traveling, and yet you find yourself stuck in a place that feels far away from all those dreams. How do you navigate the new challenges of being considered an adult by society, but still feeling like you have so much to learn? Learning new skills can help you not only become more independent, but also get what you want most in life. 



What a difficult and very different time it is to be an adolescent or to be the parents of an adolescent! Social media and technology have changed the game for adolescents, and created even greater challenges for parents. How do we keep our kids safe, while also allowing them to be social and grow? How do we navigate difficult behaviors, and challenges at school when it can feel like we grew up in two different worlds. I am passionate about helping adolescents because I believe the world they were given to navigate is a new and challenging one. In a society where everyone is a photographer, and one mistake can be seen and captured forever on the internet, I teach adolescents skills including: 

· Empathy
· Building self esteem
· Social media safety
· Clear boundary-setting skills
· Grit
· Executive Functioning


Family work

In order to help adolescents, it is imperative to work with parents. I specialize in coaching parents dealing with difficult behaviors in the home and school. Although family work is not always needed, at times it is natural to assess how a family system may be reinforcing difficult behaviors, which can cause greater stress in everyone.  A slight change in routine can increase positive outcomes and bring more consistency in a family.