LAURA TRAPANI  Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Therapist

Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Therapist



I received my Bachelors from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. After graduating from Rollins I moved to Denver, Colorado, where I worked in a corporate environment and was introduced to various mentors who led me to realize I wanted to work in the counseling field. I moved back to my home state of Illinois to attend graduate school at the University of Illinois, Chicago. Since earning my Masters degree in Social Work, I've worked as a school social worker and as a therapist helping children, parents, and families overcome difficulties for the past ten years. 

Early in my career, I worked with high school-aged students and developed a passion for helping individuals transitioning into adulthood. After working with high school students, I was given the opportunity to join a therapeutic day school setting where I worked directly with parents in helping them navigate the difficult behaviors of their children, both at school and in their homes. My work with parents naturally led me to work closely with mothers dealing with various stressors. I found that it was very common for mothers to feel as though they were mentally “overbooked.” Often, mothers are the designated case managers of the family system.  Trying to maintain some sense of life balance while juggling careers, family, friends, and parenting challenges can be very stress-inducing. Every family system is different, and there is no one way to delegate roles in the family.  Using evidence-based practices, I help individuals process and change unwanted circumstances in their lives, find a better balance, and enhance family systems.